4.2 Use of agents or authorised representatives

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If a migration agent or representative is engaged to assist the applicant, the agent or representative details must be provided when the JRP application is submitted online. TRA will not correspond with, or speak with, another person about an assessment without the applicant’s written approval.

Applicants please note: It is your responsibility to ensure your personal contact details are provided to TRA. The JRE and JRWA steps of the program need regular contact between TRA and yourself. All communications will be sent to your personal email address registered in your application. If an agent or representative set up your account on the TRA Online Portal, you need to ensure you also have access to your online account. You are still responsible for providing accurate information in your application and actively participating in the program. Miscommunication with your agent is not an acceptable reason for providing misleading information or not responding. If your personal contact details are not provided your progress through each JRP step may be delayed.

An Agent Nomination Form must be completed and uploaded in the TRA Online Portal each time a new migration agent or representative is appointed. Information provided on the form will replace any previous migration agent or representative details held on an applicant’s TRA file. The Agent Nomination Form is available on the TRA website www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/policy-and-forms. The Department of Home Affairs provides advice about the use of migration agents in Australia.