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Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP)

The Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) is for applicants who require a skills assessment to apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a skilled migration visa.

A skills assessment determines if you have the skills and experience necessary to work in Australia at the required level for your occupation. 

Note: Before submitting an application to Trades Recognition Australia, it is your responsibility to confirm with the Department of Home Affairs that you require a skills assessment for your visa, and that Trades Recognition Australia is the relevant assessing authority for your occupation.

There are two skills assessment pathways available under OSAP:

Pathway 1 is for applicants who do not hold an Australian qualification in their trade.

Pathway 2 is for applicants who hold:

  • a relevant Australian qualification, or
  • a current identified Australian occupational licence*

*A current, identified Australian occupational licence is a registration certificate or other form of authorisation required under law to perform work that has been issued by the appropriate Australian licensing authority and is relevant to the occupation.

Applicants who receive a successful OSAP outcome for their occupation through Pathway 1 will also receive:

  • an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) if it is a licensed occupation, or
  • a relevant Australian Quality Framework (AQF) qualification if it is a non-licensed occupation

Please see the OSAP Applicant Guidelines for more information.


To be eligible to apply for OSAP, you must have the required amount of employment experience in your occupation (see OSAP Applicant Guidelines for experience requirements).

Note: You are required to have a skills assessment through OSAP if your country of passport is listed next to your occupation in the table below.

If your occupation is not listed in the table below, you are not eligible for a skills assessment through OSAP.

If your country of passport is not next to your occupation in the table below, you can either:

  • still apply for OSAP if you can travel to Australia or another OSAP-nominated country of passport for an assessment. It is your responsibility to ensure you obtain the correct visa for that country prior to your travel to that country for a skills assessment, or
  • see our Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) Program.

OSAP Nominated Occupations, Countries and SARs

How to Apply

To apply for the Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP), you must first read the OSAP Applicant Guidelines.

You can then apply for OSAP through the Online Portal.

Next Steps

OSAP skills assessments are conducted by TRA-approved Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) whose contact details can be found through the RTO Finder. Enquiries about applying for a skills assessment, program fees, documentary evidence requirements and assessment arrangements should be discussed directly with your selected TRA-approved RTO.

Once your OSAP application has been processed, your selected TRA-approved RTO will send you a letter by email advising you of your assessment outcome.

Fee Schedule

When you have confirmed with your TRA-approved RTO that you wish to proceed with a skills assessment, you will be issued with an RTO Assessment Payment Identifier Code that can be used to make the payment in the Online Portal.

The following fees are payable when you apply for each step of OSAP:

Assessment Step Fee ($AUD)
Documentary Evidence $1280
Documentary Evidence - Review (if required) $700
Documentary Evidence - Reassessment (if required) $450
Technical Interview - Pathway 1 $2000
Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Review (if required) $700
Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Reassessment (if required) $1000
Technical Interview - Pathway 2 $900
Technical Interview - Pathway 2 - Review (if required) $700
Technical Interview - Pathway 2 - Reassessment (if required) $450
Practical Assessment  $2200
Practical Assessment - Review (if required) $700
Practical Assessment - Reassessment (If required) $1100

Fee schedules are subject to change. TRA will give reasonable notice of any proposed fee increases. Notices regarding proposed fee increases will be published on the TRA website and in the relevant program guidelines.

Instructions on how to pay are provided when you apply for each step of OSAP. Payments can only be made online by Visa or MasterCard through the Online Portal. All fees are payable in Australian dollars ($AUD). 

After a payment has been made, an email containing a receipt will be sent automatically to the email address provided in your application. It is important to keep the email receipt as evidence of payment. This email provides confirmation that your application has been received by Trades Recognition Australia. 

Refunds will not be provided if you do not meet program eligibility requirements, choose to withdraw your application or do not provide the application documents within the specified timeframes. The circumstances in which Trades Recognition Australia will refund a payment are detailed in the TRA Payment and Refund Policy which can be found on the Forms & Policy page of our website.