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When preparing your application, please ensure you refer to the program applicant guidelines and other related information for each of the skills assessment programs managed by TRA.

I want to immigrate to Australia. What should I do? What visa should I apply for?

TRA cannot provide information regarding visa requirements. All enquiries regarding immigration requirements should be directed to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs). The Home Affairs website is located at

You should check with Home Affairs on the requirements of the visa for which you are applying to ensure you have identified the appropriate visa pathway and that you seek a skills assessment under the correct skills assessment program.

What program should I apply for?

TRA offers a number of different skills assessment programs based on your occupation, country of passport, where you studied and the type of visa you wish to apply for. Different skills assessment programs have different eligibility requirements in relation to the evidence needed to support your application. 

The program overviews and Applicant Guidelines will assist you to find the relevant assessment program. The table below provides some basic information about all of the skills assessment programs managed by TRA.

For assistance finding an assessment type to best suit you, try our Skills Assessment tool. 

​Program Purpose​ Scope​ Outcome​
Job Ready Program Skilled migration, including 485 visas

​Former international students who have achieved an AQF qualification in Australia.

Skills assessments are conducted in four steps. Some assessments are conducted by TRA and some by contracted RTOs. RTOs assess participants' ability to participate in the Australian workplace after a period of employment.

Outcome letter for migration application​
​Offshore Skills Assessment Program Skilled migration other than for TSS or 485 visas​ Specified list of countries and occupations. All applicants applying for a skills assessment in the following licensed occupations are required to have a skills assessment through the OSAP: Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic, Electrician (General), Electrician (Special Class) and Plumber (General). ​Applicants whose occupation is listed in the OSAP nominated occupations can have an OSAP assessment if they can travel to Australia or a nominated country for a skills assessment. ​ ​Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification or Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) and outcome letter for migration application
​TRA Migration Skills Assessment Program ​Skilled migration other than for TSS or 485 visas​

​Countries, occupations, or pathways not specified under the Offshore Skills Assessment Program or Job Ready Program.

Skills assessments by TRA to assess qualifications and employment against Australian industry standards.

Outcome letter for migration application
​Migration Points Advice Advice for points based visas​ ​Occurs after achievement of successful TRA skills assessment and documents the comparability of overseas qualifications, AQF qualifications and employment for DIBP to award points. ​Points Advice Letter​
TSS Skills Assessment Program Temporary migration under a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa ​Specified list of countries and occupations. Includes some licensed occupations. ​AQF qualification or OTSR and outcome letter for migration application

Which occupation should I nominate?

TRA cannot advise you on the right occupation for your application. You must nominate the occupation for which you wish to be assessed.  When nominating your occupation, you should refer to the ANZSCO occupations listed on the Short-term Skilled Occupation Lists (STSOL) or Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills Lists (MLTSSL) available on the Department of Home Affairs website. 

A search of the ANZSCO occupation descriptions, located here, may help you decide the occupation you would like to be assessed against and for which you can meet TRA's skills assessment criteria.

Applications without an occupation or that nominate an occupation that TRA does not assess cannot be processed by TRA.

What is the relevant Australian qualification for my nominated occupation?

The relevant AQF qualification for specific occupations assessed by TRA can be found on the Australian Qualifications by Occupation document. TRA compares the content of your training (transcripts, syllabus etc.) to the relevant AQF qualification to ensure your training is directly related to your nominated occupation.

Will my skills assessment be successful?

​TRA cannot provide you with a pre-assessment before an application is lodged.  The assessment process must be carried out by an assessment officer, taking into consideration all the necessary information and evidence.  Please follow the program guidelines to ensure you include all the relevant documents and information.

Do I send original documents to TRA?

No. Original documents must not be sent with your application. 

You must keep a copy of all documents you send to TRA as these will not be returned to you.

My documents are translated. Do I need to submit copies of the original language version as well?

Documents submitted as evidence must be in their original language accompanied by an English translation if the originals are not in English.  TRA accepts extracted translations of original documents by recognised/approved translators.

If you have documents translated in Australia, acceptable translations must be obtained from translators accredited with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Details of these translators can be found in the Yellow Pages or the telephone directory under 'Translations' or on NAATI's website at

If you have documents translated outside Australia, the translator must be approved by the authorities in the country where the translation is made.  Contact your nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for advice if you are unsure.

How long will it take to process my skills assessment?

Applications are assessed in order of receipt and processing times may vary depending on the program. Should there be any considerable delays, TRA will post a news item on its website.

I need to change my details. What do I do?

Before TRA can change your details, you are required to send a request in writing. This request must include your full name, date of birth, TRA Reference number, email address and signature.

If the request is not signed it will not be actioned. If you are updating your address details, please include your old address in your request. Your request can be submitted to TRA as a PDF attachment in an email to or by post.

Can you help me find a job?

TRA is a skills assessment service which specialises in assessments in trade occupations for the purpose of migration and does not provide assistance to applicants in obtaining employment.  You will need to make your own employment enquiries.

How long is my TRA skills assessment valid?

From 1 July 2014 skills assessments issued by TRA or a TRA approved RTO and lodged in support of certain types of skilled visa applications must be no older than three years from the date of issue.

Skills assessments issued by TRA or a TRA approved RTO, and lodged prior to 1 July 2014 with the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) in support of a visa application will not be affected.

This change follows amendment of the Migration Regulations effective 1 July 2014. The purpose of the amendment is to ensure that a skills assessment meets the current occupational requirements for the nominated occupation in Australia. For more information please contact Home Affairs.

How can I pay for my TRA skills assessment?

Applications lodged to TRA can be paid by Visa or MasterCard through TRA's Online Portal. All payments will be charged in Australian dollars.

Cheques and money orders will not be accepted as payment unless previously agreed by TRA.

What do I do if I can't download/access the application form for the Migration Skills Assessment or Migration Points Advice?

To access the PDF version of the application form on the TRA website, you need Adobe 8 or above (Adobe is available as a free download).

I've been locked out of the online portal. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password for the TRA online portal, please follow these instructions. Go to the TRA Online Portal, select 'Click here if you have forgotten your password'. By answering the three security questions you selected when first registering your MPA application, you will be able to reset your password and log in using your username.

If you have been locked out of your online account, are unable to reset your password or have forgotten your username, please email Please include your TRA reference number, username, date of birth and email address.

Please note TRA will contact you directly when your issue has been resolved. We cannot provide a timeframe as to when the account will be unlocked and re-set.

I have received my skills assessment outcome letter and need feedback. What should I do?

To request feedback, please email with your personal information including your TRA reference number.  

Feedback times vary depending on the program as follows:

MSA and MPA - 2 working days from receipt of the feedback request

JRP (all steps including PSA) - 5 working days from receipt of the feedback request

For OSAP, TSS and TRS - Applicants should forward their feedback requests to the RTO that handled their skills assessment.

Do I need an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test?

No. An IELTS test result is not required for any of TRA's programs.

How can I get a refund?

To apply for a refund, you should read the 'Refund Policy' prior to completing and signing a 'TRA Refund Request Form'. These are available on the 'Policy and Forms' page of the TRA website. Your request can be submitted to TRA as a PDF attachment in an email to

I've lost my skills assessment outcome letter. Can I get a replacement?

You must request a replacement outcome letter in writing, either by fax, email or post. Your request must include your full name, TRA reference number, date of birth, current postal address and email address. If sending your request by post or fax, please include your signature. Copies of letters will only be sent to the email address for the applicant or agent provided in your application. See Contact Us on the TRA website, for further information.

Can I ask TRA to return my documents?

TRA cannot return your documents. You must not send original documents to TRA and you should keep a copy of your application for your own records.

I have lost/misplaced/a damaged Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC). How do I replace it?

TRA is no longer issuing replacement ARTCs.

ARTC holders who have misplaced or damaged their ARTC can request verification of their ARTC outcome from TRA. The following information must be provided with the request:

  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • TRA reference number/ARTC reference number;
  • the jurisdiction the ARTC was issued in (ACT, NSW, etc.);
  • the approximate date of issue (month and year);
  • the trade that is registered on the ARTC;
  • current address;
  • current contact details;
  • current photographic identification (e.g. Australian driver's licence, passport, etc.)

Where an applicant's details are listed in the ARTC register, TRA will issue a formal confirmation that an ARTC was granted to the applicant in a specified trade.

Requests should be emailed to TRA at

Why can't I make an application for an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC)?

The Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC) programme closed on 30 September 2014. No new applications can be accepted.

Am I eligible to have my skills assessed by Trades Recognition Australia if I am not applying for a skilled migration visa?

TRA Programs are only for applicants who need a skills assessment as part of their skilled migration visa application to the Department of Home Affairs.

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