Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

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The JRFA is part of the Job Ready Program (JRP). The purpose of this step is to recognise your completion of the JRP.

You can use your successful JRFA skills assessment to apply for a skilled visa with Home Affairs.

Current processing times for the JRFA outcome:

1.5 Months from application

To be eligible to apply for a JRFA, you must have:

  • achieved a successful JRWA outcome and
  • completed a minimum of 12 months of full-time paid employment (or equivalent part-time employment) within TRA approved employment.

This evidence must be reviewed and accepted by TRA.

After verifying your employment evidence, TRA will email you when you are eligible to apply for your JRFA. Please be aware that you should not consider the JRP completed until you have received the official outcome letter. It is important to maintain your employment arrangements until you have received the official JRFA outcome letter which confirms your successful outcome.

Read our guidelines

Before you apply, you should read Section 3.3 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines.


Please see Section 2 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines.

Prepare documents

Scan a copy of your current passport.

Apply through our online portal

You should not apply for the JRFA until TRA invites you to do so. Once invited, use the same username and password you received when you applied for PSA, JRE, and JRWA. Please ensure you have access to your Registered Email Address to receive your multi-factor authentication One Time Passcode to access the TRA Online Portal.

Then apply for JRFA through the TRA Online Portal.

Complete your application

You will need your:

  • updated contact details (if required).

To submit your application, you need to:

  • upload all the required documents
  • pay the fee.

You cannot change or view your application once you have submitted it.

TRA does not accept applications sent by email.


TRA will email you the outcome of your JRFA application.

We aim to finalise applications within 45 days from the date you submit them online. This may vary if we have a high volume of applications or if your application is complex.

If your application is successful:

  • you can present your outcome letter to Home Affairs as part of your visa application.

If your application is unsuccessful:

  • the outcome letter will explain the reasons for the outcome and give you the options for review.