Job Ready Program (JRP)

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The JRP is an employment-based skills assessment program. It is for international student graduates with an Australian qualification that has been verified through a Provisional Skills Assessment. The program gives you:

  • the opportunity to develop your skills
  • employment experience in an Australian workplace
  • a skills assessment outcome to apply to the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) for a skilled visa

A skills assessment shows if you have the skills and experience needed to work in Australia in your occupation.

There are different eligibility requirements for each step of the Job Ready Program.

Refer to the following links:

Job Ready Employment (JRE)
Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)
Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA) 

Before you apply, you need to check with Home Affairs if:

  • you need a skills assessment for your visa, and
  • TRA is the right assessing authority for your occupation

Read our guidelines

To apply for the JRP, you should read the JRP Applicant Guidelines.

How to pay:

  • Please refer to the TRA Fees, Payment and Refund Policy.
  • Payments are online by Visa or MasterCard through the Online Portal
  • All fees are payable in Australian dollars ($AUD)
  • You will receive a receipt via your email. It is important to keep the email receipt as proof of payment.

Refunds are not given if you:

  • do not meet program eligibility requirements
  • choose to withdraw your application after assessment had started
  • do not provide the application documents in the specified timeframes

For information about refunding a payment please refer to the TRA Fees, Payment and Refund Policy.

Program Fees

You pay fees when you apply for each step of the JRP. Fees for each step can be found in JRP Applicant Guidelines.

Fees may change. TRA will give reasonable notice of any proposed fee increases. Notices will be on the TRA website and in the relevant program guidelines.

The JRP has three (3) steps starting with Job Ready Employment. Each step needs to be done in order. Before you apply for the JRE, you must complete the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA). Your PSA outcome must be within three (3) years of your outcome. For more information on how to apply, refer to the links below:

Job Ready Employment (JRE)
Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)
Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA) 

Program Outcome

We will email you within 45 days of receipt of your JRFA application an outcome letter confirming if you have completed all steps of the Job Ready Program.

This letter is not a qualification. It does not represent formal accreditation of your skills and experience. You can use a successful outcome letter to apply to Home Affairs for a skilled visa.

For information on the outcome of each step of JRP. Refer to the following links:

Job Ready Employment (JRE) outcome: Section 3.1.

Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) outcome: Section 3.2.6 [add link to the new JRP Guidelines]

Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA) outcome: Section 3.3.2.