Job Ready Employment (JRE)

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The JRE is part of the Job Ready Program (JRP). This step is to let you get the experience needed in an Australian workplace to develop skills relevant to your occupation.

Current processing times for your JRE application:

Up to 7 months from application

If you applied for Job Ready Employment before July 2023 and have not received any updates, please contact us.

While waiting for your JRE application to be confirmed, please continue your employment arrangements as these will count toward meeting your twelve (12)-month full-time (or equivalent part-time) employment obligation.

To be eligible for the JRE, and ensure you are well placed to successfully complete the program, you must:

  • have a successful PSA (or JRPRE) for your nominated occupation
  • submit your JRE application within your PSA (or JRPRE) valid period*
  • nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list where TRA is the relevant skills assessing authority
  • be employed and your employment arrangement:
    • provides sufficient opportunities for you to develop the required skills and
    • is verifiable by TRA

* Your PSA (or JRPRE) outcome is valid for three (3) years from date of issue. If your PSA has expired and you would like to apply for the JRP, you will need to submit a new PSA application. (The PSA Guidelines are available here).

Note: the following licensed occupations are not eligible occupations for the JRP:

Read our guidelines

Before you apply, you should read the JRP Applicant Guidelines


Please see Section 2 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines


You must complete at least twelve (12)-months of full-time (or equivalent part-time) paid employment with TRA approved employer/s. The 12-month period commences from your JRE Start Date.

Full-time means you are working an average of 38 hours per week. Part-time employment, periods of unemployment, and/or extended leave will mean it takes you longer to complete the program.

You may be able to claim up to three months of unbroken paid employment where the employment was undertaken immediately before applying for the JRE. This can only be claimed at the time of submitting your JRE application online. Your claim must meet the requirements listed in Section 3.1.6 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines. A revised JRE Start Date will be added in the TRA Online Portal if your employment is approved by TRA. TRA will email you once your claim has been processed.

For more information, see Section 3.1 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines 

Prepare documents

Prepare full colour scans of all required original documents in PDF format. See Section 3.1.2 for the JRE application documents.

Apply through our online portal

Use the same username and password you received when you applied for the Provisional Skills Assessment (or JRPRE). Please ensure you have access to your Registered Email Address to receive your multi-factor authentication One Time Passcode to access the TRA Online Portal.

Then apply for JRE through the TRA Online Portal.

Complete your application

You will need your:

  • personal details
  • employment details for each employment period you are claiming
  • agent/representative details (if applicable)

To submit your application, you need to:

  • upload all the required documents in PDF format
  • pay the fee

You cannot change or view your application once you have submitted it.

TRA does not accept applications sent by email.

Employment check

It is your responsibility to find suitable employment which meets our requirements.

TRA will check the workplace listed in your application and Employment Verification Report (EVR). We may contact your employer to confirm your work details, and in some cases, we may conduct a site visit.

Skills Progress Report

You need to provide a completed Skills Progress Report (SPR) if you have worked with an employer for more than six months or you are ending your employment. You will need one for each employer (if you register more than one).

An SPR is a self-assessment record of the skills and activities you have done in your workplace.

It is important your SPRs are an accurate record of the work you have done. Your SPR will be used in the next step of the JRP, the workplace assessment (JRWA).

Next Steps

TRA will advise you by email when you are considered eligible for your JRWA