3.4 False and misleading information

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You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and validity of all information provided to TRA.

Penalties apply under the Crimes Act 1914 and the Criminal Code Act 1995 may apply for making false or misleading statements and providing false or misleading information or documents. Further, through the Public Interest Criterion 4020, Home Affairs has established strict rules impacting on visa applications for applicants who are found to have provided bogus documents or false and misleading information.

TRA will take reasonable steps to verify the validity of all information supplied throughout the JRP.

TRA may overturn a decision if it determines your participation or the outcome for your application is based on information you supplied that is false, misleading, non‐factual or incorrect, or that you did not properly satisfy the JRP employment requirements.  This means if you have completed your skills assessment, it will no longer be considered successful. TRA will advise you of the decision, and Home Affairs if relevant.

TRA may also refer such matters to other appropriate authorities for investigation where information provided to support an application is known or believed to be false.