2.3 Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)

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Diagram 4 - JRP Steps

The purpose of the JRWA is to determine whether you are operating in the workplace at the required skill level for the occupation nominated in your application.

An assessor from a TRA‐approved RTO will conduct your JRWA and will focus on the activities you have been required to perform during your employment as recorded in your SPR.

2.3.1    Eligibility

To be eligible for a JRWA, the following is required:

  • all of your employment arrangements have been approved by TRA
  • acceptable pay evidence (see section 2.2.13 of the Guidelines) for at least 863 hours over a minimum of six months from your JRE Start Date
  • acceptable SPRs, EVRs and any other relevant information confirming you are performing expected tasks and duties and developing the skills required for your nominated occupation.

TRA will review your pay evidence and SPRs and advise you by email when you are eligible to apply for a JRWA.

2.3.2    Online application process

Once you have received confirmation you are eligible for a JRWA, you will need to sign into the TRA Online Portal with your username and password (see section 1.5 of the Guidelines) . You should then select the Job Ready Workplace Assessment link and follow the instructions to complete the Job Ready Workplace Assessment application and pay the JRWA application fee.

Change to employment arrangements:

If you have a new employer, you must register the employment details through the TRA Online Portal before you apply for a JRWA. You do this by selecting Add New Employer under the Job Ready Employment (JRE) link and completing the online form. There is no JRE application fee payable to register any additional employers for JRE.

An EVR must also be completed and uploaded in the TRA Online Portal for any additional employers’ details submitted through the TRA Online Portal. EVRs can be accessed from the TRA website www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au/employment-verification-report. Please select the form relevant to your occupation. (See sections 2.2.5 and 2.2.11 of the Guidelines).

Before your JRWA can proceed, new work arrangements must be approved by TRA. In addition, you must provide pay evidence for at least one month of work after the date you submitted your subsequent employer online.

2.3.3    Assignment of TRA‐approved assessor

When your JRWA application has been processed by TRA, the following will be provided to a TRA‐approved RTO:

  • contact details for you and your employer/supervisor
  • a copy of your SPRs, EVRs and any other relevant information
  • details of your Australian qualification
  • a copy of your passport identification page.

The TRA-approved RTO will allocate an assessor to conduct your workplace assessment. The assessor will:

  • contact you and your employer/supervisor to organise a time and date that is suitable to conduct the assessment, and to confirm the location for the assessment
  • discuss with you the work you have done and the tools and equipment that would be available for the assessment
  • review the documentation provided by TRA
  • prepare an assessment plan detailing what you will be required to do during the assessment. The plan will be provided to you and your employer/supervisor before the scheduled date of the assessment.

2.3.4    JRWA process

During a JRWA the assessor will:

  • show photographic identification to you and your employer/supervisor to verify their identity
  • verify your identity and your employer/supervisor’s identity
  • in accordance with the assessment plan, require you to demonstrate:
    • an ability to work safely, perform tasks, follow directions, and plan work at the required skill level relevant to your nominated occupation in your workplace
    • your understanding of the workplace including:
    • your role in the workplace
    • the language/terminology used in the workplace/industry sector
    • relevant Australian Standards, legislation and/or regulations
    • solving problems
    • asking directions
    • working well with others
    • using resources safely and effectively.

The assessment will be conducted using a range of methods, which may include a technical interview and observation of your practical skills.

2.3.5    Inability to attend a scheduled JRWA

If you are unable to participate in the assessment at the time you previously agreed with the assessor, you must notify the assessor immediately. You must also provide TRA with a medical certificate or other evidence explaining why you were unable to attend. If you are unable to contact the assessor, you must notify TRA immediately via jrpenquiries@dewr.gov.au.

If a medical certificate is not provided, or you cannot provide other acceptable evidence to show why you were unable to participate in the assessment, you will be required to pay for any relevant travel costs incurred by the assessor on the date of the scheduled assessment.

It is your responsibility to arrange a new assessment date and time with the assessor. The assessor will notify TRA of the new arrangements.

2.3.6    JRWA outcome

TRA will provide you with the outcome of the JRWA. TRA will email you the outcome of the assessment and include a copy of the JRWA report prepared by the assessor.

The JRWA report will advise if you have been assessed as Job Ready or Not Yet Job Ready for your nominated occupation.

A successful JRWA assessment will confirm you are Job Ready, which means during the assessment you demonstrated:

  • well‐developed job knowledge
  • an ability to suggest and initiate improvements while being able to deal with routine and complex matters relating to the occupation
  • that you were reliable and responsible
  • that you had a well‐developed ability to work to industry standard safely, productively and by communicating effectively in the workplace.

An unsuccessful JRWA assessment means you are Not Yet Job Ready because you were unable to perform the duties required of the nominated occupation for one or more of the following reasons:

  • had limited job knowledge
  • made frequent errors
  • work output was poor compared to industry standards
  • demonstrated difficulty working safely, dealing with routine matters or communicating appropriately as required in the occupation
  • required close instructions to perform to industry standards.

If the outcome was Not Yet Job Ready, you may request a JRWA Review or apply for a subsequent JRWA (See sections 2.3.7 and/or 2.3.8 of the Guidelines.)

2.3.7    Review of JRWA outcome

If you receive a Not Yet Job Ready outcome, you can seek a review of your assessment by completing a TRA Review Request Form available on the TRA website www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au. You are only entitled to one review of your assessment.

A JRWA review is conducted by a different assessor, who will only review the evidence gathered during the first assessment. A JRWA review will not involve another workplace assessment.

For your review application to be registered, please email a pdf copy of your completed TRA Review Request Form to traenquiries@dewr.gov.au within 45 days from the date of the original assessment outcome email. You are not required to pay a fee for a JRWA review.

TRA will provide you with a report advising the outcome at the completion of the review.

2.3.8    Subsequent JRWA

It is recommended you do not apply for a subsequent assessment until you have addressed the reasons you were unsuccessful in the previous assessment. SPRs submitted following an unsuccessful JRWA must indicate that you are addressing the reasons you were made unsuccessful.

You must contact TRA before applying and paying for a subsequent JRWA. TRA will provide you with a JRWA Reapplication Form.

You will need to log in to the TRA Online Portal with your username and password. Select the JRWA Reapplication link and pay the application fee.

The completed JRWA Reapplication Form should be uploaded on the TRA Online Portal by selecting the Document Uploads link. A JRWA reapplication will not be processed until the JRWA Reapplication Form is received and registered by TRA.

TRA will assign a different TRA‐approved assessor to conduct the assessment.

When the assessment is finalised, TRA will provide you with a report advising the outcome.

If your subsequent JRWA is unsuccessful, you may need to meet additional eligibility criteria, such as completing a further period of three months’ employment, before being eligible to apply for another assessment.