2.2 Qualifications

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2.2.1  Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. It incorporates the qualifications from each education and training sector into a single, comprehensive, national qualifications framework. TRA will determine whether your qualification is comparable to the relevant AQF qualification and level for your nominated occupation.

The relevant AQF qualification for occupations assessed by TRA can be found on the Australian Qualifications by Occupation document on the TRA website.

2.2.2  Qualification documents

Your application must include evidence of formal training and outcomes that can be considered comparable to the AQF qualification for your nominated occupation. The following documents must therefore be uploaded with your online application:

  • final qualification/s or apprenticeship certificate/s or award/s
  • a full academic transcript or other documents that include the start and end date of your training and details of the program of study
  • apprenticeship documents such as the contract of apprenticeship, journal or any other relevant documents from your employer, governing body or training institution relating to your apprenticeship (if applicable).

The following items will not be accepted as a substitute for a qualification:

  • occupational licences
  • trade tests not supported by comparable and verifiable formal training
  • short course certificates such as single day or single subject training
  • work experience
  • incomplete qualifications or statements of attainment

If you have been assessed by a TRA-approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you must provide the Australian qualification or Offshore Technical Skills Record issued to you by the RTO, including your transcript and any other correspondence such as your skills assessment outcome.

2.2.3  Qualification verification and assessment

When assessing and verifying your qualification TRA considers quality, level and relevance as outlined below.


TRA will use various assessment sources to verify your training in nationally recognised, accredited and regulated by the appropriate governing body in the country of issue.


Australian qualifications are awarded at different levels on the AQF, therefore TRA must be able to determine that your qualification is comparable to the relevant AQF qualification and level for your nominated occupation. TRA uses various internal and external assessment sources to determine the comparable level of your qualification.


TRA compares the content of your training (transcripts, syllabus etc.) to the relevant AQF qualification level to ensure your training is directly relevant to your nominated occupation.

If TRA is unable to verify your qualification/s meet all the requirements, TRA will not be able to confirm you hold a qualification that is comparable to the AQF qualification for your nominated occupation. You may be contacted to provide additional evidence or asked to obtain verification of the qualification from the training institution or authority that issued the qualification. The training institute or authority will need to provide the verification in electronic format directly to TRA.

Please note the provision of a document or other information does not guarantee that your qualification will be recognised.