2.2 Application documents

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Your PSA documents include the following:

Identity documents

  • a copy of the identification page of your current passport
  • evidence of name changes to address any naming inconsistencies in the documents submitted.

Qualification documents

  • a copy of your Australian qualification certificate most relevant to your nominated occupation.
  • the full academic transcript of results for your provided qualification(s), which must include the subject/unit details, results for each unit of study, and the date enrolled for study in Australia.
  • Must establish your eligibility for the skills assessment as at your application date.

All required documents listed above must be submitted with your application at the PSA application date.

TRA may request additional evidence if your qualification:

  • cannot be verified
  • was completed under a different passport or
  • included units awarded through credit transfer

The request will be sent to your registered email with a due date. You must upload all documents required through the TRA Online Portal within the timeframe we advise, or your application may be unsuccessful. Please make sure you and your agent closely monitor for emails from TRA.

If your qualification was completed under a different passport or contains credit transfers (CT), you may consider uploading the following supplementary evidence with your PSA application:

  • a copy of your old passport
  • transcripts for any prior study that may have been used for credit transfer
  • a copy of your USI (Unique Student Identifier) report containing evidence of all your Australian study.

All information and evidence provided to TRA must be true and accurate. See section 3.4 of the Guidelines for information on the consequences of providing false, misleading, non-factual, or incorrect information to support your application.