1.4 How to apply

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To apply for the MSA you must register through the TRA Online Portal via the TRA website www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au. You will be asked to create a username and password. Diagram 1 below provides an overview of the online application process.

Diagram 1 – MSA application process

Register. Upload evidence. Review Documentation. Submit.

An application can only be lodged online through the TRA Online Portal.

You may nominate a migration agent or representative to act on your behalf during the skills assessment process. You do this by completing the ‘Agent or Representative’ section of the online application form.

All applications submitted to TRA must be decision ready. Decision ready means all the mandatory fields in the TRA Online Portal are completed, all documents uploaded as required under Section 2 of these Guidelines, and the mandatory application fee is paid.

1.4.1  Document requirements

Section 2 of the Guidelines provides a detailed overview of the program requirements and processes. Please note that if your application is not complete and decision ready, you risk your assessment being unsuccessful. It is your responsibility to make sure the application is decision ready.

Please ensure you have original colour scans of:

  • passport identification page
  • qualification/s
  • academic transcripts for each qualification
  • a completed Employer Template for each employment period claimed
  • pay evidence for each period of employment claimed
  • evidence of self-employment (if applicable)

Your documents must be scanned in full colour as a .pdf and the quality must be at least 150 dots per inch (dpi). The total maximum file size for each document must not exceed 10mb.

Please note, TRA cannot accept documents that are sent through file sharing platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and your application must not contain documents that are locked, or password protected.

Please read the instructions in the TRA Online Portal carefully to make sure you have met all requirements before submitting your documents.

1.4.2  Documents not in English

If your application documents are not in English, you must also provide an English translation of the documents.

Translating documents in Australia

Acceptable translations of documents in Australia can be obtained from translators accredited with the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). A list of approved translators can be found on NAATI’s website https://www.naati.com.au/. Translations must include the translator’s name, NAATI identification number and accreditation status.

Please check the translator’s accreditation by either calling NAATI on +61 2 6260 3035 or asking to see the translator’s letter or certificate of accreditation in the language you need.

Translating documents outside Australia

If you have documents that were translated outside Australia, the translator must be approved by the authorities in the country where the translation was made. Contact your nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for advice if you are unsure of the process.

Overseas translations must be on the organisation’s letterhead and include an official stamp. The translator’s name (all in block letters), signature and contact telephone number must be legibly printed below the signature. This information is required so that TRA can contact the translator if necessary to verify the translated documents.