1.3 Applicant Guidelines

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These Guidelines describe the MPA program and outline the eligibility requirements in applying for points advice under the MPA program.

Before commencing your application:

  • You must check with Home Affairs (www.homeaffairs.gov.au) to ensure you require points advice and that TRA is the correct assessing authority for your nominated occupation.
  • You must read the eligibility requirements for the MPA program (refer to Section 2 of these Guidelines)

If you do not understand any part of the eligibility requirements, please contact TRA at traenquiries@dewr.gov.au.TRA does not issue points or provide specific information on migration or visa requirements.  All enquiries relating to visa and migration requirements must be directed to Home Affairs.

TRA reserves the right to amend these Guidelines as necessary. Information about changes will be posted as a news item on the TRA website.