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Step 3 - Job Ready Workplace Assessment

Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) is the third step of the Job Ready Program (JRP). The purpose of JRWA is to assess your ability to work at the required skill level for your occupation in an Australian workplace.


To be eligible for a JRWA, you must:

  • provide evidence of paid employment in your occupation for at least 863 hours over a minimum of six months from your JRE start date
  • provide acceptable Skills Progress Report (SPR), Employment Verification Report (EVR) and any other required evidence confirming you are performing the expected tasks and duties to a suitable standard for your occupation
  • have your employer sign your EVR and confirm they agree to the assessment being conducted at your workplace.

Note: If you change employers, your new work arrangements must be registered with and approved by Trades Recognition Australia. Additionally, if you change employers, you must provide pay evidence for at least one month of work before your JRWA can proceed. For more information regarding employer requirements in the JRP, please see the JRP Applicant Guidelines.

Workplace Assessment 

An assessor from a TRA-approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will conduct the assessment. The assessor will focus on the tasks you have been performing during your employment as recorded in your Employment Verification Report (EVR) and Skills Progress Report (SPR). The assessment will be conducted using a range of methods, which may include a technical interview and/or an observation of your practical skills. You will be advised by the assessor on how your JRWA will be conducted.

How to apply

Trades Recognition Australia will email you when your records indicate you can apply for JRWA.

To apply for JRWA, you must first read the JRP Applicant Guidelines.

You can then apply for JRWA through the Online Portal using the same login details you used when applying for PSA and JRE.

Next steps

Once your JRWA application has been processed, Trades Recognition Australia will provide a TRA‐approved RTO the following information:

  • contact details for you and your employer/supervisor*
  • a copy of your SPRs, EVRs and any other relevant information
  • a copy of your Australian qualification
  • a copy of your passport identification page.

*It is your responsibility to make sure this information is current and correct before you apply for your JRWA. 

The RTO will then allocate an assessor to conduct the assessment. The assessor will contact you and your employer/supervisor to organise a time and date that is suitable to conduct the assessment.


Please see Job Ready Program (JRP) for fees.