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New JRE Documents

Trades Recognition Australia has revised some of the employment forms required for the Job Ready Program (JRP).

The Employment Verification Reports (EVR) and Skills Progress Reports (SPR) have been updated to reflect changes in industry practice and to align more closely with each step of the program.

The EVR provides important information that allows TRA to confirm the workplace and employment arrangements provide enough opportunity for a participant to develop the required skills in their nominated occupation. The EVRs contain the essential, principal tasks for the occupation.

The SPR allows participants to assess how they are progressing in their workplace and report on their skills development.  It is an opportunity to check with their employer that they are on the right track for a successful Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA). The SPR contains a wide range of tasks associated with the occupation that a participant should understand. A participant may not be doing them regularly in their current workplace.

From 1 June 2022, TRA will no longer accept previous versions of the Employment Verification Report or Skills Progress Report as valid evidence to support your application.

The new EVRs and SPRs are available on TRA’s website,