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Electrician (General) and Electrician (Special Class)

If you are applying for a skills assessment under the TSS Skills Assessment Program or the Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) in the licenced occupations of Electrician (General) or Electrician (Special Class), you will be required to apply for a skills assessment through a Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) approved registered training organisation (RTO). If successful, you will be issued with an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR).

An OTSR holder is eligible to apply for a provisional licence, registration or certificate with Australian state and territory licensing authorities. This will allow you to work as an Electrician (General) or Electrician (Special Class) under supervision whilst completing Australian context gap training.

An OTSR holder is also issued a migration outcome letter to apply for migration with the Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs).

IMPORTANT: Each state and territory has different requirements in relation to Australian context gap training for the licensed occupations Electrician (General) and Electrician (Special Class). For further information on Australian context gap training in the state or territory in which you are planning to work, please click on the relevant link below.

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory


South Australia



Western Australia