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If you are applying for a TSS Program skills assessment from 1 March 2019, you must pay fees for the assessment directly to TRA through the TRA Online Portal. Please see the Applicant Payment User Guide for processes for selecting a TRA approved registered training organisation (RTO), registering an account in the TRA Online Portal and making payments.

Before a payment can be made, you must select a TRA approved RTO to conduct your skills assessment through RTO Finder and talk to the RTO about whether you are eligible for a TSS Program assessment, the program requirements and confirm the location of your assessment.

When you have confirmed for your RTO that you wish to proceed with a skills assessment, you will be issued with an RTO Assessment Payment Identifier Code that can be used to make the payment in the TRA Online Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already paid for your documentary evidence assessment, you must use the same registration details including password to make a payment for your technical assessment. You must not create a new user id.

The following fees apply to TSS Program skills assessments:

Assessment step

Fee Amount (GST Excl)

Documentary Evidence


Documentary Evidence - Review


Documentary Evidence - Reassessment


Technical Interview - Pathway 1


Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Review


Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Reassessment


Technical Interview - Pathway 2


Technical Interview - Pathway 2 - Review


Technical Interview - Pathway 2 - Reassessment


Practical Assessment


Practical Assessment - Review


Practical Assessment - Reassessment


Please note: Fees are subject to change. 

Fee Refunds

The circumstances in which TRA will refund a payment are limited and detailed in the TRA Payment and Refund Policy under Forms & Policy on the TRA website.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will not be provided if you do not meet program eligibility requirements or if you withdraw your application:

  • For documentary evidence assessments - after decision ready documents have been supplied to your chosen RTO.

  • For technical assessments – after the Technical Interview/Practical Assessment has taken place.