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If you are applying for a TRS skills assessment from 1 March 2019, you must pay fees for the assessment directly to TRA through the TRA Online Portal. Please see the Applicant Payment User Guide for processes for selecting a TRA approved registered training organisation (RTO), registering an account in the TRA Online Portal and making payments.

Before a payment can be made, you must select a TRA approved RTO to conduct your skills assessment through RTO Finder and talk to the RTO about whether you are eligible for a TRS skills assessment, the program requirements and confirm the location of your assessment.

When you have confirmed for your RTO that you wish to proceed with a skills assessment, you will be issued with an RTO Assessment Payment Identifier Code that can be used to make the payment in the TRA Online Portal.

The following fees apply to TRS skills assessments:

Assessment step

Fee Amount (GST Excl)

Documentary Evidence


Documentary Evidence - Review


Documentary Evidence - Reassessment


Technical Interview - Pathway 1


Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Review


Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Reassessment


Practical Assessment


Practical Assessment - Review


Practical Assessment - Reassessment


Fee Refunds

The circumstances in which TRA will refund a payment are limited and detailed in the TRA Payment and Refund Policy under Forms & Policy on the TRA website.

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will not be provided if you do not meet program eligibility requirements or if you withdraw your application:

  • For documentary evidence assessments - after decision ready documents have been supplied to your chosen RTO.

  • For technical assessments – after the Technical Interview/Practical Assessment has taken place.