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RTO Finder

This tool is for use with the TSS Skills Assessment Program and Offshore Skills Assessment Program. It provides:

  • contact details for RTOs who are approved to conduct skills assessments for the listed occupation.
  • a list of countries and Special Administrative Regions (SARs) where the skills assessments are available.

For program eligibility requirements, applicants are advised to check program guidelines and TRA Pathfinder before using RTO Finder.

Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic [342111]

Automotive Electrician [321111]

Baker [351111]

Bricklayer [331111]

Cabinetmaker [394111]

Carpenter [331212]

Carpenter and Joiner [331211]

Chef [351311]

Cook [351411]

Diesel Motor Mechanic [321212]

Electrician General [341111]

Electrician (Special Class) [341112]

Electronic Equipment Trades Worker [342313]

Fitter (General) [323211]

Fitter and Turner [323212] 

Fitter - Welder [323213]

Hairdresser [391111]

Joiner [331213]

Metal Fabricator [322311]

Metal Fitters and Machinists (not elsewhere classified) [323299]

Metal Machinist (First Class) [323214]

Motor Mechanic [321211]

Panelbeater [324111]

Pastrycook [351112]

Plumber (General) [334111]

Pressure Welder [322312]

Sheetmetal Trades Worker [322211]

Toolmaker [323412]

Vehicle Painter [324311] 

Welder (First Class) [322313]