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How to apply

How to apply

Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) applications are submitted through the Trades Recognition Australia Online Portal

All applications submitted to Trades Recognition Australia must be decision ready. Decision ready means you are required to complete all the mandatory fields in the online portal, upload all documents as required under Section 2 of the Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines, and the mandatory fee is paid.

An applicant or their agent/ representative will be required to register and create a password which will generate a username and TRA reference number. Once registered the Migration Skills Assessment application can then be completed.

The online application process requires the completion of a number of mandatory and optional fields to cover the following elements;

  • applicant details (previous TRA number (if applicable), passport details, personal details, nominated occupation, visa type)

  • agent/ representative details (if applicable)

  • qualification details (or apprenticeship)

  • employment details for each employment period being claimed

Once all mandatory fields are complete, you will then be required to upload .pdf colour scans of your original documents (evidence) to support the application. You cannot proceed to submitting your application until you have uploaded all the required documents and paid the fee.

Once your application is submitted you can no longer change or view the application.

As of 18 March 2020, Trades Recognition Australia no longer accepts applications submitted by email.


All documents listed below are mandatory. If you fail to provide any of these documents, you risk your application being assessed as unsuccessful.

Before you can submit your online application you will be required to upload colour .pdf scans of your original documents, as follows:

  • passport identification pages

  • qualification/s

  • academic transcripts for each qualification

  • a completed Employer Template for each employment period claimed

  • pay evidence for each period of employment

  • evidence of self-employment (if applicable)

The employment evidence you must provide is dependent on whether you are claiming paid employment with an employer or self-employment, and on whether the employment period was in Australia or another country. Please refer to Section 2 the Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines for acceptable forms of evidence.

Document Upload Requirements

  • For each upload field you will only be able to upload one document. If you have multiple pages (for example payslips) you must combine them into one .pdf file.

  • Your documents must be quality scans in full colour as a .pdf file.

  • Your scans should be of the original documents. Certified copies, black and white scans and statutory declarations will not be accepted. Translated documents should also show the original unique translator stamp and signature.

  • Document quality must be at least 150 dots per inch (dpi).

  • Your application should not contain documents that are locked or password protected.

Reference Documents

Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines.pdf

Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Guidelines.docx

Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Fact Sheet.pdf

Migration Skills Assessment Applicant Fact Sheet.docx