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Step 3 - JRWA

The Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) is the third step of the JRP. The purpose of the JRWA is to determine whether you are operating at the required skill level in an Australian workplace for your nominated occupation.

The JRWA is conducted in your workplace by an assessor from a TRA-approved registered training organisation. The assessment will focus on the activities you have been required to perform during your employment as recorded in your Job Ready Journal.


To be eligible for a JRWA, you must have provided your TRA Liaison Officer (TRA LO) with:

  • acceptable pay evidence to support at least 863 hours of paid employment over a minimum of six months that has been registered via the online portal and approved by TRA(see clause 2.2.8 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines);

  • Job Ready Journals for a minimum of six months that have been signed by your nominated supervisor and approved by TRA.

Once your TRA LO has reviewed your documentation and is satisfied that you are eligible to apply for a JRWA, they will contact you to confirm you can submit your application online. 

How to apply

When you receive email confirmation from your TRA LO that you are eligible to apply for a JRWA, you can apply through the TRA online portal by selecting the Job Ready Workplace Assessment link.

When you have completed all the mandatory fields and paid the application fee, you must select the Submit and Print button to submit your application details and print out the JRWA Summary Page. The JRWA Summary Page must be signed by your employer/supervisor as evidence they agree for the JRWA to be conducted at your workplace. 

Your JRWA Summary Page must be emailed to jrpdocuments [at] education.gov.au for the application to be registered. Documents must be provided as a single PDF attachment. Documents not provided in this format will be returned unprocessed.

You must read Section 2.3 - Step 3 Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) of the JRP Applicant Guidelines before you apply for the JRWA step.