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Step 2 - JRE

The purpose of the Job Ready Employment (JRE) is to enable you to gain experience in an Australian workplace to further develop the skills relevant to your nominated occupation.

You must complete at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 months from your JRE start date in an Australian workplace that has been approved by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). Employment must be in the occupation, or one closely related to the one assessed in Step 1 – Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA). It is your responsibility to find suitable employment.

Detailed information about the JRE is provided in Section 2.2, of the Job Ready Program Applicant Guidelines (Guidelines). You must read the Guidelines before submitting a JRE application.


To be eligible to apply for JRE, you must have:

  • a successful PSA outcome
  • hold or have lodged an application with the Department of Home Affairs for a visa that has full (unrestricted) work rights and is valid for no less than 12 months
  • secured eligible employment in your nominated occupation (see section 2.2.9 of the Guidelines)
  • less than 4 months remaining on your student visa, if applicable.

Please note: A student visa with more than 4 months remaining, or a training visa, are not accepted visas for this program.  

How to apply

To apply for the JRE, you will need to sign in to the TRA Online Portal with the username and password created when you first registered for the JRP. You should then select the Job Ready Employment link and complete the Job Ready Employment Summary Page and pay the $500 application fee.

When you have completed the online submission, select the Submit and Print button  to submit the details and print the Job Ready Employment Summary Page and Employment Registration Form (ERF). Do not select the print option on your computer.

You must also a complete an Employment Verification Report (EVR) (see section 2.2.11 of the Guidelines). A copy of the EVR for all occupations assessed under the JRE can be accessed from here.

JRE start date and claiming prior employment

Your JRE start date is the date you submit your application for JRE through the TRA online portal unless you are claiming prior employment.

You can claim up to three consecutive months of paid employment that was undertaken immediately prior to applying online for JRE. This can only be claimed as part of the online JRE application process.

To make a claim, you must complete the prior employment section of your JRE application and provide TRA with acceptable pay evidence for the period being claimed. TRA will assess your claim based on the paid work evidence submitted as part of your application. No additional documentation or clarification will be requested or accepted.

A revised JRE start date and any approved claimed employment hours will be added to the online portal and the Total Approved Hours table if your employment is approved by TRA. (see section 2.2.7 of the Guidelines).

Application documents

Your application documents, as listed under Section 2.2 of the Guidelines, must be emailed to jrpdocuments [at] dese.gov.au as a single PDF attachment within 14 days of the online submission date for the application to be registered.

Please note: You are not formally registered in the JRE until your application documents are received (by email) and registered by TRA.

Once your application documents have been received, validated and registered by TRA, you will receive a confirmation email.

If the information contained in the application documents cannot be verified to satisfy TRA requirements, your application will not be approved for JRE.

You will then be assigned a TRA Liaison Officer (TRA LO) who will advise you of your JRE start date and information about the program.


Employment verification

Your TRA LO will conduct a number of online verification checks to confirm the existence and authenticity of the workplace listed in your ERF and EVR, Your employer or supervisor may be contacted to confirm your work arrangements, and if deemed necessary, a site visit will be arranged. 


Quarterly Progress Report and pay evidence

A Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) will be emailed to you every three months, or as required, until you have achieved a successful Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) (Step 3 of the JRP). A QPR is a record of the skills and activities you have undertaken in your workplace as you develop your skills in your occupation.

The QPR must be completed and signed by the supervisor recorded in your ERF for that workplace.

Completed QPRs will be provided to the TRA-appointed workplace assessor to guide the planning of your JRWA. Therefore, it is important that QPRs are an accurate record of the work you undertake in your workplace.


Approved work hours

Your work hours will be updated in your online portal Total Approved Hours table once your TRA LO has verified your QPR or EVR and pay evidence.


Key Information for Job Ready Employment

The following links provide further information for participants and their employers;