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Step 2 - JRE

The Job Ready Employment (JRE) is the second step of the Job Ready Program (JRP). The purpose of the JRE is to enable you to gain experience in an Australian workplace to further develop the skills relevant to your nominated occupation.

You must complete at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 months from your JRE start date in an Australian workplace that has been approved by Trades Recognition Australia. Employment must be in the occupation, or one closely related to the one assessed in Step 1 - PSA. It is your responsibility to find suitable employment.

During your employment, you will be required to keep a monthly journal describing examples of the tasks and duties you are undertaking in your workplace relevant to your occupation.


To be eligible to apply for JRE, you must have:

  • a successful PSA outcome

  • lodged an application for, or hold a visa with work rights which provides sufficient time to complete the full requirements of the JRP (in most cases this will be the Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485)

  • secured eligible employment (See clause 2.2.5 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines.)

  • less than 4 months remaining on your student visa, if applicable.

How to apply

To apply for the JRE you will need to sign in to the TRA Online Portal with the username and password obtained when you first registered for the JRP. You should then select the Job Ready Employment link and complete all the mandatory fields and pay the application fee.

When you have completed the online submission and payment, you must select the Submit and Print button in the Online Portal to submit the details and print the Job Ready Employment Summary Page and Employment Registration Form. Do not select the print option on your computer.

Application documents must be emailed to jrpdocuments [at] education.gov.au within 45 working days of the online submission date for the application to be registered. Documents must be provided as a single PDF attachment (see clause 2.2.2 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines). 

After your application documents are registered by TRA, you will be assigned a TRA Liaison Officer (TRA LO) who will assist you through the program, and determine the suitability of your employment. TRA may arrange a site visit to you workplace as part of this process (the decision to visit a workplace is at the discretion of TRA). If the employment does not meet the JRE requirements, you must secure suitable employment elsewhere.

JRE start date

After you have been registered by TRA for the JRE, you will be provided with a start date. The JRE start date is generally the date you submit your application for JRE through the TRA online portal, provided your application documents are received by TRA within 45 working days of the online submission.

You can apply to vary the JRE start date by claiming up to three consecutive months of paid employment completed immediately prior to applying online for JRE. Additionally, employment must have been completed with the first employer registered by TRA and taken place after completion of an Australian qualification.

If you wish to vary your JRE start date, you will be required to complete a Statement of Prior Employment form and provide acceptable pay evidence. A form will be sent to you once your application has been registered with TRA. You can also request a Statement of Prior Employment form by emailing jrpenquiries [at] education.gov.au 

Key Information for Job Ready Employment

Detailed information about the JRE, including the Application Documents you need to send to TRA, are provided under Section 2.2 of the Job Ready Program Applicant Guidelines. You must read the guidelines before registering for the JRE. 

The following links provide further information for participants and their employers;