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Step 1 - Provisional Skills Assessment

The Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) is the first step of the Job Ready Program (JRP). Under the PSA, Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) verifies the authenticity of your Australian qualification and any employment and/or vocational placement you have undertaken in an Australian workplace.


To be eligible to apply for a PSA, you must have:

  • held an international student visa to study in Australia, and
  • a completed qualification relevant to an occupation assessed by TRA and awarded by a CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered training organisation and achieved as a result of study in Australia, and
  • evidence of a minimum of 360 hours of employment and/or a vocational placement relevant to your qualification and nominated occupation that was completed in an Australian workplace within three years prior to submitting a PSA application online.

A successful PSA outcome can be used to apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), if the occupation assessed appears on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.

A successful PSA outcome is required before you can apply for Steps 2-4 of the JRP.

How to apply

Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) applications are submitted through the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) Online Portal.

All applications submitted to TRA must be ‘decision ready’. Decision ready means you are required to complete all the mandatory fields in the online portal, upload all documents required under Section 2 of the Job Ready Program Applicant Guidelines, and the application fee is paid.

For the PSA, an applicant or their agent/representative will be required to register and create a password which will generate a username and TRA reference number. Once registered, the PSA application can then be completed.

The online application process requires the completion of a number of mandatory and optional fields, including:

  • Applicant details (passport details, personal details, nominated occupation, visa type)
  • Agent details (if applicable)
  • Qualification details (certificate and academic transcript)
  • Employment and/or vocational placement details
  • Additional supporting documentation if required.

Once all mandatory fields are complete, you will then be required to upload scans of your original documents (in PDF format) to support the application. You cannot proceed to submitting your application until you have uploaded all the required documents and paid the application fee.

Once your application is submitted you can no longer change or view the application.

Detailed information about the PSA, including the Application Documents you need to send to TRA, are provided under Section 2 of the Job Ready Program Applicant Guidelines. You must read the Guidelines before registering for the PSA.

Key Information for Job Ready Employment

The following links provide further information for participants and their employers;