Job Ready Program Registration and Eligibility (JRPRE)

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The JRPRE must be completed before you can apply for the JRP.

JRPRE will verify your:

  • identity
  • Australian qualifications

You will need a successful JRP Registration and Eligibility check before you can proceed to Job Ready Employment (JRE).

Current processing times for the JRPRE stage:

Up to 6 months from application

If you applied for JRPRE before December 2022 please contact us.

To apply for the Job Ready Program Registration and Eligibility step (JRPRE), you must have:

  • a current and valid passport
  • held an international student visa (as the primary holder) to study in Australia 
  • an Australian qualification directly relevant to the occupation you are applying for. This qualification must be from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Read Our Guidelines

Before you apply, you must read Section 2 of the JRP Applicant Guidelines.

Check your qualifications

Please check that your qualifications are suitable for your occupation. For a full list of occupations assessed by TRA and their currently accepted qualifications, please click here.


Please see Section 1.6 Fee Schedule of the JRP Applicant Guidelines.

Gather and scan documents

Please see Section 2.1.3 Application documents of the JRP Applicant Guidelines.

Register through our online portal

You will need to register and create a password.

Once you register, your username displays at the top of the screen. Your username is also emailed to you. Make sure you keep a record of your username and password, as you will need it to login.

You can then apply for JRP Registration and Eligibility through the Online Portal.

Complete your application

You will need your:

  • Current passport identification page
  • If you completed the qualification under a different passport, a copy of that passport’s identification page
  • personal details
  • occupation
  • the full qualification details including your Certificate and your Record of Results showing the commencement and completion dates

To submit your application, you need to:

  • upload all the required documents in PDF format
  • pay the fee.

You cannot change or view your application once it you have submitted it.

TRA does not accept applications sent by email.


TRA will email you the outcome of your JRP Registration and Eligibility application.

If your assessment is successful:

If your application is unsuccessful:

  • You may apply for a review.