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4 March 2016
To support a fair process for all applicants, TRA standard practice for processing applications is to do so in order of receipt.
TRA has received a large number of requests to expedite Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) applications from applicants who have been asked by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to produce a successful skills assessment to support their Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) application.
These applicants have lodged their visa application prior to obtaining a successful skills assessment.
While TRA has attempted to grant an expedition where reasonable, the volume of requests has resulted in unfair processing delays for other applicants in the queue.
As a result, TRA will no longer accept PSA expedition requests from applicants who chose to lodge a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) application with the DIBP prior to receiving a successful skills assessment.
As advised by DIBP, it is the applicant's responsibility to contact the relevant assessing authority well before they apply for a subclass 485 visa as each assessing authority has its own assessment procedures, timeframes and charges. See http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/485-#
TRA endeavours to process PSA applications within 30 working days of receipt of the hard copy PSA Summary Page and supporting documents. Applicants must also allow for a review timeframe should their initial PSA application be unsuccessful.
Assessment processing times may vary and are contingent on the volume of applications received, as well as the complexity of the verification process in each case.
A decision to expedite a PSA application for any other reason is at the absolute discretion of TRA.