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New payment arrangements for TSS Program, OSAP and TRS

22 February 2019

Commencing on 1 March 2019, applicants for Trades Recognition Australia’s (TRA) TSS Skills Assessment Program (TSS program), Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) and Trades Recognition Service (TRS) will pay fees for their skills assessment directly to TRA through the TRA Online Portal.

Before a payment can be made, applicants must select a TRA approved registered training organisation (TRA approved RTO) to conduct their skills assessment from RTO Finder.

Your chosen RTO will provide you with an RTO assessment payment identifier code that must be used to make payment through the TRA Online Portal for the service you require, for example, a documentary evidence assessment, technical assessment, etc.

A link to the portal will be available on the TRA website from 1 March 2019. If you have any difficulty making a payment, you should contact TRA for assistance at: traenquiries [at] education.gov.au

From 1 March 2019, the following fees apply for the TSS Program, OSAP and TRS. These fees are also available on the TRA website in the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) for the TRA RTO Assessment Services (see TRA News Items, published 4 January 2019).

Assessment step Fee Amount (GST Excl)
Documentary Evidence $1,280.00
Documentary EvidenceDocumentary Evidence - Review $700.00
Documentary Evidence - Reassessment $450.00
Technical Interview - Pathway 1 $2,000.00
Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Review $700.00
Technical Interview - Pathway 1 - Reassessment $1,000.00
Technical Interview - Pathway 2 $900.00
Technical Interview - Pathway 2 - Review $700.00
Technical Interview - Pathway 2 Reassessment $450.00
Practical Assessment $2,200.00
Practical Assessment - Review $700.00
Practical Assessment - Reassessment $1,100.00