1.6 Fees

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Assessment Service

Fee         $AUD

Job Ready Program Registration and Eligibility


                Job Ready Program Registration and Eligibility Review


Job Ready Employment


Job Ready Workplace Assessment


   Subsequent Job Ready Workplace Assessment (if required)


Job Ready Final Assessment


                Job Ready Final Assessment Review


The fees TRA charges are specified in a legislative instrument made under sub regulation 5.40(1) of the Migration Regulations 1994 (See: Migration (LIN 19/034: Fees for Assessment of Qualifications and Experience) Instrument 2019).

Fees are subject to change. TRA will give reasonable notice of any proposed fee increases. Notices regarding proposed fee changes will be published on the TRA website and in the relevant program guidelines.

Payments must be made when you complete the online application and can only be made with a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card. All fees are payable in Australian dollars, and instructions on how to pay are provided when you apply for each step of the program.

After payment, an email containing the receipt will be sent automatically to the email address you (and your agent if applicable), provided in your application. It is important to keep the email receipt as evidence of payment.

1.6.1    Fee refunds

Refunds may be available under certain circumstances. These are detailed in the TRA Fees Payment and Refund Policy on the TRA website www.tradesrecognitionaustralia.gov.au.