1.5. Fees

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The Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants Pilots are a subsidised service with no fee charged to applicants for the skills assessment. In addition, for applicants for the Electrician occupations, there are no fees charged for the additional Technical and Practical assessment components.

TRA does charge fees for a skills assessment review or Technical and Practical Reassessment components.

Assessment Service


The Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants Pilot Skills Assessment

Technical and Practical assessment components (Electrician occupations)



Skills Assessment Review (all occupations)


Technical Interview - Pathway 1 – Reassessment (Electrician Occupations)


Technical Interview - Pathway 2 – Reassessment (Electrician Occupations)


Practical Assessment – Reassessment (Electrician Occupations)


The fees that TRA charges for a migration skills assessment are specified in a legislative instrument made under sub regulation 5.40(1) of the Migration Regulations 1994. For the purposes of the Incentive, where TRA charges fees for a skills assessment review, or reassessment the fees that will be charged will replicate those fees specified under section 6 of LIN 21/023 and will be consistent with the Guidelines for Skilled Migration Assessing Authorities 2021.

Fee schedules are subject to change and will not necessarily always replicate the fees specified under section 6 of LIN 21/023. TRA will give reasonable notice of any proposed fee increases. 

Notices regarding proposed fee increases will be published on the TRA website and in the SAOM Incentive guidelines.  

Any reassessment or review payments must be made using a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card through the TRA payment form and submitted to The Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants Pilots  Inbox. All fees are payable in Australian dollars and instructions on how to pay are provided in the outcome letter.

After payment, a copy of the printable receipt will be sent to the email address nominated in your application. Please retain the email receipt as evidence of payment.

1.5.1. Reassessment or Review Fee refunds

The circumstances in which TRA will refund a payment are limited. Fees will only be refunded by TRA where:

  • An applicant pays duplicate fees for the one service.
  • A migration agent or authorised representative makes a payment in a name other than the applicants.
  • An applicant has an original assessment decision overturned following a Review.

TRA may, at its discretion, refund a fee for reasons other than those described above. TRA will advise the applicant to apply for a refund should this occur.