1.1. Introduction to Trades Recognition Australia

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Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is a skills assessment authority within the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (the Department) for nominated occupations under the Migration Regulations 1994.

Schedule 1AB Item 518 of the Financial Framework (Supplementary Powers) Regulations 1997 (the FFSP Regulations) provides legislative authority for the Incentive 2 - Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants Incentive (SAOM Incentive).

For the purposes of the SAOM Incentive, TRA is a skills assessment authority within the Department for the same occupations as those prescribed under Migration Instruments LIN 19/051 and LIN 19/260 (in accordance with regulation 2.26B(1A) of the Migration Regulations 1994.

TRA skills assessments are intended to ensure that a successful applicant is able to perform at the required skill level for their nominated occupation. The skills assessments also provide an assurance to government and to the individual that their training and experience is relevant and appropriate for the Australian labor market.

TRA operates a number of different skills assessment services which are based on an applicant’s occupation, country of passport, where they studied and the type of visa they are seeking.