Trades Recognition Service

Why choose the Trades Recognition Service (TRS)?

Not all qualifications are equal
The TRS can give you the security of an Australian vocational education and training (VET) qualification that validates your skills and is accepted by Australian industry.
The TRS offers quality skills assessments that are:
  • industry endorsed - Australian industry supports and recognises Australia-wide qualifications issued through the TRS;
  • delivered by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) approved registered training organisations (RTOs) who exclusively issue a VET qualification that bears the TRA-approved logo;
  • validated by the TRA logo, which represents industry acceptance - the holder of the certificate is recognised as possessing the same skills and knowledge equivalent to an Australian-trained tradesperson; and
  • the only industry endorsed pathway outside of an Australian apprenticeship to national occupational licensing (nominated occupations only).

About the Trades Recognition Service

The TRS provides skills assessments via recognition of prior learning (RPL) by RTOs approved by TRA. Skills assessments are available in a range of automotive, metal and electrical occupations.

TRS skills assessments are for people in Australia who seek formal recognition of their skills for employment purposes and/or to access occupational licensing. The service is open to people who have gained their skills outside a formal apprenticeship pathway, including those who have undertaken their trade training overseas.
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