Job Ready Program (JRP)

The Job Ready Program is a four step employment-based skills assessment program. International student graduates who hold a trade qualification issued by a registered training organisation in Australia and who seek temporary and/or permanent migration can apply.

Step 1 -  Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA) 
Step 2 -  Job Ready Employment (JRE) 
Step 3 -  Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA) 
Step 4 -  Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

One of the eligibility requirements for Step 1 - a Provisional Skills Assessment  - is evidence of at least 360 hours of employment and/or vocational placement. After successful completion of a Provisional Skills Assessment, an applicant may then choose to proceed step by step through the remainder of the Job Ready Program.

To undertake Steps 2 to 4, an applicant who meets the eligibility requirements must commit to participate in an employment-based arrangement for at least 1725 hours over a minimum of 12 calendar months. This arrangement will also include applying for the relevant Job Ready Workplace Assessment and the Job Ready Final Assessment.

Information for each step of the Job Ready Program, including eligibility requirements and application fees, is detailed in the Job Ready Program Guidelines.

Job Ready Program Steps

Step 1 - Provisional Skills Assessment


The Provisional Skills Assessment determines the relevance of an international student graduate’s Australian trade qualification to their nominated occupation. The graduate’s evidence for claims of employment and/or vocational placement will also be assessed.

Step 2 - Job Ready Employment


Step 2 is the registration process for Job Ready Employment. Applicants must find employment in their nominated occupation and then register and pay for Job Ready Employment through the online portal.

Following registration, TRA will determine the suitability of the employment arrangements.

The participant will then need to complete a minimum period of employment before they can be considered for entry into Step 3.

Step 3 - Job Ready Workplace Assessment


A Job Ready Workplace Assessment is conducted at the participant’s place of employment once they have completed at least 863 hours of paid employment over a minimum of six months. This assessment is conducted by an independent assessor to determine whether the participant is successfully operating at the required skill level.

Step 4 - Job Ready Final Assessment



Step 4 is a Job Ready Final Assessment which is conducted at the completion of at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 calendar months. The Job Ready Final Assessment will determine whether the participant has satisfied the skills assessment requirement.

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