Job Ready Program (JRP)


The Job Ready Program (JRP) is for international student graduates who hold an Australian qualification issued by a CRICOS registered training organisation based on studies in Australia.

It is a four-step employment-based skills assessment program that provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that your skills and job readiness are relevant to your nominated occupation, in an Australian workplace before you apply for migration in Australia.

You must first apply for the JRP through the online portal where you will be prompted to establish a username and password. These are used to sign in to the online portal to submit the application details and print the application documents for each step of the JRP.

You are not formally in the JRP until Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) acknowledge receipt of valid application documents.

Information for each step of the JRP, including eligibility requirements and application fees, is detailed in the Job Ready Program Guidelines. You must read the guidelines before registering for the JRP. You should also check with DIBP before submitting an application to TRA, to ensure a skills assessment outcome under the JRP is suitable for the visa for which you are applying.

Information relating to Australian employment conditions and workplace laws is available on the Fair Work Ombudsman's website. Trades Recognition Australia is unable to answer any enquiries concerning the information contained in the Fair Work Ombudsman's website.

Job Ready Program Steps

Step 1 - Provisional Skills Assessment


The Provisional Skills Assessment verifies the international student graduate's Australian qualification and any employment and /or vocational placement undertaken in an Australian workplace.

Step 2 - Job Ready Employment


Job Ready Employment verifies the suitability of a participant's employment to ensure it can provide sufficient opportunity for the participant to demonstrate their skills using industry-accepted practices and tools/equipment relevant to their nominated occupation over a minimum of 12 months.

Step 3 - Job Ready Workplace Assessment


A Job Ready Workplace Assessment is conducted at the participant’s workplace once they have completed at least 863 hours of paid employment over a minimum of six months. This assessment is conducted by an independent assessor to determine whether the participant is successfully operating at the required skill level.

Step 4 - Job Ready Final Assessment


A Job Ready Final Assessment is conducted once the participant has successfully completed Step 3 and provided acceptable evidence of at least 1725 hours of paid employment over a minimum of 12 calendar months from their JRE Start Date.

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